The Ginger

Hi. I’m Laura, and I’m awful at introductions.

So far, being 30 been good to me. God has been better.


Nerdy girls are the best girls. I’m just sayin’.

I’m currently striving to fulfill not only my goals but God’s call on my life.

I live in Williamstown, NJ where I attend Life Church and live the dream. God has called me to be a children’s minister. I’m enrolled at the Berean School of the Bible with a focus on leadership. Three more classes, an internship, and a Capstone project until I’m a certified pastor! I graduated Valedictorian from the Life School of Christian Leadership in 2017, where I also received the Truth Award and was chosen to be our graduation speaker.  I’m currently doing my second round of Life School classes and am excited to graduate this August.

I desire to own a small herd of Corgis; one that’ll put the Queen of England to shame.

I am an unabashed Christian. Don’t expect me to be quiet about my faith. I’m not built that way. Also, I do apologize for the way that the majority of the Church represents my Savior. I do all that I can to be a good representative of Heaven. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I’ve been attending Life Church in Williamstown, NJ, for four years and I absolutely love it! I’m on the worship team and the media team, involved in our Healing Rooms and Second Saturday ministries, and lead our Sunday night kids ministry – Kids Club.

I’m an open book when it comes to my struggles with suicide, self-harm, depression, and anxiety. It’s been a pretty crazy ride. If you want to know anything at all, just ask.

Adults never talk about their favorite dinosaurs, or what color the number 9 is and that’s honestly a little upsetting,

I’m battling end-stage kidney failure. By God’s grace, I am healed in the spirit and my body will soon comply to that! I began dialysis in June of 2015 and, while I have some bad days, I’m doing fairly well. I wrote a bit about it here.

Make good choices!

-The Ginger


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